The President of The Gloucestershire Society 2019

Tim Ross - President of the Gloucestershire Society 2019Dear Friend,

The Gloucestershire Society is a special organisation and not just because its roots go back to 1657, making it among the oldest existing charitable organisations in the County. It is also special in that it demonstrably provides a large number of small grants to a large number of people in genuine distress – and actions their calls for help immediately.

The historic County of Gloucestershire (including a large area encompassing Bristol north of the River Avon and South Gloucestershire) is often described as green and pleasant and this is true; yet we know that many families and individuals live in dire poverty and that some young people are highly vulnerable. Often they find that an occasional change in circumstances tips them from ‘managing’ to ‘crisis’.

Often small grants can be a lifeline and in 2018 the Society made grants totalling £64,454 with the average being £90. The number of grants given was 719.  Our administrative and staff costs at 10% were relatively small because those who assess the grants so effectively do so voluntarily.

I should be grateful if you would consider giving a donation to the Society which benefits so many people. Any donation of any size will be appreciated. You can donate by sending a cheque (a Gift Aid form can be downloaded from here) or via Just Giving.

Thank you.

Tim Ross

President of The Gloucestershire Society 2019


Request for Grants

If you wish to apply for a grant, please could you e-mail the sub-committee member, who is responsible for your local region, from the list below, or use the contact form.

When using the contact form, please select the area where the applicant for a grant lives, so that the request is sent to the correct person to handle it. Choosing the wrong area may delay the processing of the grant application.

IMPORTANT: Requests for grants will only be accepted from organisations recognised by The Gloucestershire Society. All requests must be made on formal headed letter paper, which you can attach to either the form or your direct e-mail. Your letter of request must provide a brief background of the reason for the request, the name and address of the client, if possible, and confirmation of how long the client has lived in Gloucestershire.

Applications for grants not fulfilling these requirements will not be accepted.

Gloucester, Cheltenham and North Gloucestershire

Miss Janet Duberley

The Forest of Dean, Stroud Valleys and East Gloucestershire

Mrs Barbara Tregear

South Gloucestershire and Bristol (North of the River Avon)