About Us

A Gloucestershire Society Invitation From Thomas Estcourt - 1781

Who Can Qualify for a Grant From The Gloucestershire Society?

To qualify for a grant from The Gloucestershire Society, the person applying must have been a resident within Gloucestershire (defined as Bristol north of the River Avon, South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire) for a minimum of two years and have a recognised need which falls within The Gloucestershire Society's scope of help.

What Does the Charity Do?

We provide grants of money to people who are in difficulties. These are normally up to about £150 to meet an immediate need.

How Is This Money Distributed?

Five volunteers cover the county and they can make grants without going through a long administrative process.

How Are People Referred To The Gloucestershire Society?

They are referred by Social Services, Churches, Health Professionals and similar agencies. People in severe need are in contact with these agencies so personal applications are seldom made.

What Is The Need?

Within the county there are many people living in great deprivation both in the towns and in the rural areas. Many are in desperate need of money for things like basic furniture and bedding, for a cooker repair, for an item to care for a child or to keep them safe. In many cases help with these basic items is not available and sometimes it is only available after many forms have been filled in and other delays faced. Although the amounts given out by the Gloucestershire Society are not large people find that they are a “lifeline” which arrives quickly and shows that “someone cares”.

How Is The Gloucestershire Society Funded?

The Charity’s income comes from annual donations. Anyone’s donation will be gratefully received. In addition the President asks for donations from everyone on the Charity’s lists and from friends and contacts. Legacies are also welcomed. The Charity has minimal expenses so virtually all the income is distributed.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about The Gloucestershire Society, what it does and its purpose, please contact us.