Apply For A Grant

The Gloucestershire Society welcomes requests from professional staff, working at agencies or organisations recognised by The Gloucestershire Society, for small grants to support clients in need, who are long-term residents of the Ceremonial County of Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire and Bristol north of the River Avon) OR who were born in the Ceremonial County. All requests are considered by members of the Welfare Committee and funding is determined by the level of need and purpose for which the grant is requested. It should be noted that the society is only able to provide small grants.

Circumstances Ineligible For Grants

Applications for any of the below reasons are not eligible for a grant from The Gloucestershire Society and any applications will be automatically rejected:

  1. The Gloucestershire Society is unable to consider applications from individuals. Please discuss your needs with your Social/Health/Care support worker who may make a request on your behalf.
  2. The Gloucestershire Society is unable to award grants to fund therapeutic services.
  3. The Society is unable to award grants for the repayment of debt. Clients should be advised to seek help from their local Citizens Advice Bureau who can assist with debt management, budgetary management and if necessary, obtaining a Debt Relief Order.
  4. The Society is only able to provide one grant to any household. However, in exceptional circumstances a request may be considered.

Please note that all requested information in this form is required for us to be able to process the grant application.

About You & Your Agency or Organisation

This first section is to gather the contact details for you so that we can reply to the grant request you are making on behalf of the Client / Responsible Adult.
The Gloucestershire Society only accepts grant applications from certain social / health / care agencies and organisations. We do not accept grant applications from private individuals.

About The Client / Responsible Adult

This section requests the details about the person on whose behalf you are requesting a grant. The person will be known as the "Client" in the following questions.
We do not award grants to minors. Social workers frequently give the name of a child (who is their client) but we need the name of the adult caring for the child to check if the family has previously received a grant.
Enter the full address of the person for whom you are applying for a grant. The postcode will be requested in the next question.
Please enter the postcode using a space between the two halves of the postcode. e.g. "BS32 1AB"
The Ceremonial County of Gloucestershire comprises of the current counties of Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire and areas of Bristol north of the River Avon. Please see the map on this page to check the boundaries.
Please enter years and months.
Please note: We only give small grants.
Please note we only pay for basic essential items.
Please let us know any additional information you think is relevant and will help us process your grant application.